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Un-needy pheromone users

There’s a reason why I don’t discuss e-mail in this chapter: because you shouldn’t use it. If you’re going to seal the deal, you’ve got to get him on the phone to talk about his pheromone usage. The objective is to meet up again as soon as possible. The more time passes, the harder it will be to get a date and the less interested he will be in continuing the interaction. That said, you have to be completely and totally un-needy pheromone users. You do this by controlling the timing of your texts and calls, leaving super-short voicemail messages, giving a little Innuendo in your texts, and structuring your phone calls. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/how-shifting-hormone-levels-affect-relationships/ and http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com/2015/03/with-or-without-pheromones.html

But before you do ANY of that, you’re going to do your research on this guy. Get online and check his Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for discrepancies or mutual friends. I’m not suggesting that you do a full background check, but anything he told you, like his college years, his job, the name of his baseball team, anything that can be verified, just Google it and see if he’s listed as a graduate, has a photo on the company website, a picture of him swinging a bat—again, you’re looking for congruence. Did what he said match up to what you can find? Type in his phone number and see if anything strange comes up. Type in his name and keywords such as “arrest,” “felon,” “criminal,” “abusive,” “violent,” “dick,” “marriage license,” or “married to” and see if the combination of things gives you any new hits. Pheromone attraction is of the emotional content of a text. Sarcasm and teasing sometimes come across as actual anger. So smileys are okay. Just don’t use them every time you toss out a Tease. The best time to do this is at a conversational high point for both of you or right after the guy has texted you something sexual. The lack of response makes the guy wonder whether he did something wrong or if you are just busy. Dead Air keeps you in his mind for a long time after the texting takes a break. It can also be used to punish behavior. Because you’re no longer in person, you often can’t effectively use Sass to deliver a playful Takeaway. In a text, it can come off harshly, causing him to respond defensively, and then the cycle gets heated until neither of you ever want to see each other again. You want assurances that this guy has male and female friends, a job, hobbies, a life, and that he doesn’t live in his mom’s basement. If his pages are unlocked, read some of the comments that his friends post—if they’re all teasing him about being fucked up in every post, you may want to steer clear. If there seem to be repetitive photos of one particular woman in his albums, you may want to look her up to see if she lists her status as single or if she considers this guy her boyfriend . . . or worse, her husband! As for making contact the next day, I still expect the guy to make the first move. If you don’t hear from him in the first three days, he’s playing games with you instead of actually trying to make a connection. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Meet-The-Phermones/9573173

Pheromones and Myself

All I had was myself. I was the instrument that I must care for.” —Josephine Baker When it comes to guys and crafting duel personas, unlike the male version of appealing to emotion and stability, Human Pheromone Admiration: A quick way to gain the admiration of a man is to excel in an area typically thought to be the domain of men without challenging his sense of pheromone attraction and/or to be able to address and fix your own problems. Cool jobs and hobbies to a man are professions where a woman can use her sexuality via pheromone detection to control and lead other men such as models, bartenders, and exotic dancers. In addition to these jobs within his sphere of interests are a sure bet. Say the guy you’re interested in likes cars. Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150908/pheromone-diversity and http://pommett.spruz.com/

So a hobby that will create admiration would be telling him about how you fixed up your old muscle car with your dad or how you can change your own pheromone receptors Pheromones Enhancement: If you’re going the comfort route make sure your nightwear is still form fitting so it looks good. An old ratty bathrobe sends a message to a guy to not even try with pheromones. The Truth About Virgins Most guys don’t want a virgin because of the freak out potential leaving him with a permanent case of blue balls. Or the extra effort it takes to be with her, or the clinger potential when she gets attached. Other issues guys have with virgins are her lack of skill [seriously, your dry palm is like sandpaper], the potential for the first time to be messy, and having to slow the overall session for pain, which takes forever, and kills the mood. However, if you’re a virgin there’s good news because using pheromone cologne can make you more attractive. A guy who’s really into you will look past all of those things, just make sure you’ve studied various techniques and are willing and energetic. Just to let you know, guys are nervous the first time too. Sticky Social Proof: As a kid I would sometimes see a classmate come to school wearing a cast after they broke a bone. The other kids would crowd around and they would ask if they could sign the cast or draw a little picture on it. Didn’t matter if the kid was the biggest nerd in class all the girls would line up to draw little hearts over the letters in their names. More and more kids would write on it until the thing was completely decorated. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience childhood and in a moment you will come to realize how important this observation was. Now, one of the biggest problems with the concept of social proof is what to do if you simply don’t have any social proof starting out Or you want to go to another venue without the people you were talking to earlier? It takes social proof to add to social proof. It’s a compounding effect that counts on momentum to keep it going. Which means… If you change venues you are going to loose all your accumulated social proof. So, what do you do? You add an element of persistence to your social proof of real pheromones. Learn more at http://pommett.webnode.com/news/pheromone-results-are-promising/

Getting Used To Pheromones

So you use this to kind of like control pheromone escalation and to get more sexual then what you can seriously because the rewind takes it back . It is almost like you telling her things that you want to do sexually and then saying just kidding. Instead of saying just kidding which will kind of come off as weak and not so great you are instead rewinding and taking it back by going really far in the opposite direction and making sure that she knows that you were just joking, you are just messing with her, you are just playing around , not serious and she doesn’t need to be worried. So that’s fast forward and rewind. Now I am going to talk about Sexual pheromones : we start by quickly defining what push pull is and how it works. Learn more at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/11/07/214939 and https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/your-pheromones-matter-to-her/So push pull works because it is psychologically very confusing with human pheromones. It creates what is called fractionation where you are simultaneously validating and de – validating a girl at the same time in a funny playful way. This stopping and starting the push pull just like the fast forward and rewind gets the girl emotionally invested and to get the girls emotional fluidity to get the girl emotionally invested is really powerful when you add some sexuality pheromones to it. Because if you can’t control the girl’s pheromones, if you don’t get the emotional reaction from her, if she is just a pathetic and flat when you are tall.

ing to her, she is not going to seep with you. A lot of guys feel the blow out. My definition of a blow out is the conversation goes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t really get any pheromone attraction or social comfort and you are just talking to people who are not interested in talking to you and it might be that they just don’t respond, it might be that they just give one word answers and walk away, whatever it is, but that is not really the enemy, because the truth is not every girl is going to sleep with you even if you are really, really good at this. So we want to find the girls who are going to sleep with us. The girls who are not going to sleep with us no matter what, we want to get those girls out as quickly as possible rather than waste our time trying to attract them and turn them on and blah blah blah. So the enemy is not t he blah, the enemy is a 20 minute set and push pulls gets the girl emotionally invested which keeps them to know the 20 minute set to know where on pheromones. The 20 minutes sets to know whether the girl h as invested in you emotionally it is where she is just kind of killing time or being polite, helping her friend and etc etc but push pulls kind of hurts that because it emotionally grabs the girl by simultaneously teasing and escalating her pheromones. Learn more at http://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2017/01/pheromone-production.html

Emotional Pheromone Decisions

Every decision we make is emotional – it Why? Because people don’t buy pheromones based on its smell. As long as they can see the familiar red can, the taste literally means nothing to them. They can sit there and argue all day that Coca-Cola tastes better, but according to three decades of empirical research it DOESN’T. The only reason people believe this, and will continue believing it, and will continue purchasing it is because pheromones connects with them on a deeper emotional level than Pepsi does, and people make their decision to like something based on emotion first, and will try justifying it with circular logic later. This is tough to accept, but it’s a reality. The Desire Protocol is all about realizing this fact, accepting it, and then learning how to exploit it for your benefit. Learn more at http://blogs.rediff.com/mpommett/2016/12/08/pheromones-are-an-effective-way-to-attract-women/ and http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/Universal-Pheromone-Attraction.htmBasically – you stop being the consumer, and start being the marketer. People are so OUT of control with their decision making process, that often have no idea why or how they are making decisions. In fact, most of the decisions they do make aren’t even theirs. Here’s something to ponder. Scientists can look at people’s brain and immediately know what decision they are going to make before they become aware of that decision. If I would hold up two colors – red and blue – and you to pick which one is your favorite, the person monitoring your brain will be able to tell what your decision is milliseconds before you make your choice. In other words – the brain starts to unconsciously churn in preparation of a decision and when the conditions are met, awareness of this decision kicks in, the movement is made, and the individual who has just become conscious of the movement assumes that they have made the decision of their own free will. From thinking that we actually like Pherazone pheromones better thinking that we’re making logical relational decisions, when they’re really based off emotion, none of these things are truly our decision. Our subconscious mind makes these choices for us and we simply THINK (or WANT to think) that we are in control of them. This means that if you can recognize the fact that the human brain and people’s decisions are quite literally an amalgamation of social programming, neurological response, and emotional reaction, you can flip the correct triggers to elicit the actions you want. This is a HUGE revelation that will have an amazing impact not only in you dating but in your life. When you understand how the human brain reacts to certain things the way it does, and how to “hack” into the inherent neurological and subconscious wiring present in every brain provides you almost with a “mind reader” superpower. This is a perfect example of a pattern interrupt. Just like bushes suddenly rustling in the wild and a growling sound would set off alarm signals to animals on the food chain in the jungle, this is your brain saying “Wait a second – what the? This isn’t what I’m used to. I need to stop for a second and figure out my next move.” Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/she-was-using-pheromones

Women are attracted to male pheromones

Women are attracted to male pheromones, which is made up of three different components; Ascribed, External and Learned. We’re born with the Ascribed SMV components that are hard to change, as it’s our DNA that has dealt us the cards of height, ethnicity, looks and age. We worry far too much about these components and can do very little about them beyond getting in shape, maintaining our health and dressing well with true pheromones. For External and Learned SMV components, a. woman needs cut Z through the “fog of war” and dig deeper to dispel her doubts. Who are _ his friends? What has he achieved? How does he spend his time‘? Is he a leader or a follower? What kind of girls does he date? Learn more about Chikara pheromones at http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2016/10/my-chikara-pheromone-experience.html and http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161022/my-first-date-using-pherazone-ultra-pheromones How confident _ is he in social situations‘? Turning the tables, this book is all about ‘ seeing through the fog ofthe female pheromones. Macro Sexual Pheromones looks at the wider View of the dating and mating habits of guys and girls in general, in relation to the underlying biology. There is insuflicient space in this book to dig too deep into the evolutionary explanations of such extensive subjects, so all Street Hustlers a.re advised to read the following supplementary texts: “The Pheromones Evolution of Desire” (David Buss) , “Sperm Wars ” (Robin Baker), The Selfish Gene” (Richard Dawkins) and “The Rational Male ” (Rollo Tomassi). Think of it in wider hustling terms. Women are the “house” and men are the “players.” Women are the “bank vault” and men are the “bank robbers.” Pickup is the heist that we’re attempting to pull off. Girls play a. different strategy to guys, just like the casino plays a different strategy to the gamblers who are trying to beat it with cheaper pheromones production. Men have their highest SMV from their late twenties to mid-thirties (“Winning”). After the peak, their advantage over the house drops too, but at a much reduced rate compared with arls. This is why men can Street Hustle into their 30s, 40s and beyond As long as we maintain the SMV we’ve built up, we can remain in the Game (“Maintenance”). Once into his late 50s, a man can focus on other pleasures in life (“Retirement”), not just beautiful women. A high value male will be in control of how he producers alarm pheromones. As you will learn when exploring the toolkit, in practice this means that he leads with conviction, he lays down boundaries, he steers things in the direction he chooses, and he holds the power. Think of a silver-back gorilla. A feminine woman will naturally be drawn to such an alpha Frame, will want to sit inside it, and will be subservient to it. This natural dynamic (as evident across the animal kingdom) is known as Male-Female Polarity pheromones. The reality is that Frame control is not an act of war, but is a necessity hard-wired in nature. Just as a class of children needs and enjoys a strong teacher, a feminine woman really doesn’t want to hold the pheromone together. Learn more about pheromones at http://mpommett.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-7.html

Enjoying Releaser Pheromones

I had other friends that had no immediate response and I did not think it did anything until I saw how they treated me later. I guess they were just uncomfortable with emotions. The only caveat is to not expect anything in return when you do this. You might also notice how they can walk into tense situations while staying grounded and calm. A great movie to watch for this is Ocean’s Eleven . All of the main characters (the guys robbing the casino) are grounded at different levels. See if you can figure out who is the most grounded. The guy who is the most grounded is probably the most confident as well. In the last scene, they are standing in front of the Bellagio Fountain before going their separate ways. Learn more at http://pheromones-experts.com/ and http://pheromones-planet.com/pheromones-perfumes/
The ocean is often associated with feminine energy—sometimes powerful and deadly, while other times calm, peaceful, and fun to play in. The interesting part is that there is so much going on under the surface. If we just take the time to look, we could discover a whole other world. This is the way to think about a beautiful woman. I guarantee you there is a lot more than what appears on the surface —what is underneath? Curiosity is about looking beyond appearances, literally taking the time to see what is under the surface. Every woman is filled with incredible stories so long as you just get curious and ask the right questions. If you just look around and ask yourself, “What is her story? What do I want to know about her?” you might be surprised what you find out. I have learned more about women than most could ever imagine simply by being curious. The key here is to be genuinely curious as opposed to using agenda based curiosity. I was out with one of my students the other day and we were walking past this open-air coffee shop. There just happened to be a very beautiful blonde sitting, reading a book, and drinking coffee by herself. I could tell that my student was really attracted to her by the way he looked at her. After a little coaching, he decided that he had to meet her. I asked what was coming to mind when he looked at her, and he immediately said that he was really curious about his sex pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at http://buy-pheromones.org/pheromone-perfumes-that-attract-men/
The most grounded character leaves first and the least grounded character leaves last. Exercise: Centering Another way to practice grounding is to practice feeling your body. Do this with your eyes open in a soft gaze. Feel your navel. Your navel is also known as your Hara or second chakra; it is considered the center of your physical intelligence in many cultures. It is the center point of your body and your grounded center. Then work your way down from the navel to the hips, thighs, calves, ankles, feet, and toes. Notice all the sensations in your body without labeling them. It does not matter what you feel as long as you are feeling something.

My Natural Pheromones Production

Thanks for this man! You always seem to show up when I am slipping up in my mental framework and press the reset button for me! We knew that we needed pheromones to increase attraction.
I went out last night and only talked to 3 girls…but they were girls that I really wanted to talk to. This is the power of real pheromones. Learn more about the power of pheromones at http://pheromones-experts.com and  http://pheromones-planet.com/pheromones-perfumes/ 
The first bar that I went to was full of beautiful women but I got fixated on this one girl. She was stunning! I waited like 30-45mins for her, she was up on a sort of “stage” just dancing with her friends. I really regret not approaching her when she first walked in hahaha…but anyways, I saw her taking selfies of herself on that stage and I felt like I am wasting my time waiting for her natural pheromone production according to http://spanishinperu.org/best-pheromones-now-available/
Me and my buddy hopped to this place, kinda with an older crowd, but gives us a feel good factor because of it’s vibe and music. I see this MILF there, damn! I approach her, tell her I found her really beautiful and tell her how much I love blondes with blue eyes…but she seems really not interested, probably coz I look like im 15! Anyways, I know she was really flattered and enjoyed how I looked at her like I was gonna rip her clothes off…I’m sure no man had the balls to do that that night, she was really intimidatingly beautiful pheromone users.
Anyways, my friend doesn’t like this other bar that I went to, so I went there alone. None of my friends like it, coz its a bit of a hippy/gay/artsy crowd where everyone is accepted…i guess if you are a little stuck up, it might be a bit uncomfortable there…but i feel so free and love the vibe at that place. I go there on my own, I dance a little, do some qigong exercises to breathe in the wonderful vibe of the place.
I always try to make it a point, when I am in an environment or mood that makes me feel awesome, to do some breathing exercises to “integrate” that inside of me…this way im carrying those feel good emotions. Anyways, I see this girl walk in with her friend…holy shit! What a woman! My first thoughts were that she would just be an ice queen and want nothing to do with me, but I still went to talk to her.
She was so friendly and just the type of girl that I loooooove!!! And I actually had a pretty fun conversation with her for about 5 mins or so, it was pretty effortless. I didnt try to involve her friend who just stood there patiently while we talked. She ended up having a boyfriend, which wasn’t an excuse. I later saw her with a guy who definitely was her boyfriend the way they were together. Learn about the power of true pheromones.
Anyway, this made me feel soooo good, going for the kind of women I REALLY want and seeing they could be interested in talking to me instead of thinking that they would reject my natural pheromone production.

give you real pheromones

But something interesting happened… a few weeks went by, a few months went by… suddenly, one day I noticed that I was no longer as “excited” by the couches as I was in the first few days. I mean, I was still happy, but I wasn’t “over the moon ” like I was initially. Strange huh? The couches were still the same, they were placed exactly where I thought they looked the best, but I just didn’t feel the same about them anymore. Law of familiarity kicked in. There was nothing wrong with the couches, and there was nothing wrong with men. But the fact that the couches were ALWAYS there, meant that there was no more novelty or mystery of sex pheromones.  Learn more at http://pheromones-planet.com/pheromone-truth/ 
In other words, the couches were there all the time and I had no opportunity to miss them. In fact, if by some stran ge occurrence, the couches disappeared every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then I would probably be more likely to still feel excited when they were there. That would give me time to miss them, and therefore subconsciously appreciate them when they are the re. In your relationship, if you don’t miss the other person, then you won’t appreciate the other person as much when they’re there. This will kill the romance, kill the passion and kill the feelings of ecstasy that relationships can give you real pheromones. Check out pheromones at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/09/mass-trapping-the-pheromones.html
I don’t care how nice of an individual you are, this applies to everyone. It’s just how our brains and emotional system is built. So if you were to create your own fantasy love story, then you must include the time and space to yearn for each other’s presence. Give yourself and give your man the gift of missing each other. Don’t always be together 24/7, even if it feels good at the time. In fact, a lo t of the times, it will feel comfortable and feel “good” to stay with your man, but that same feeling of comfort is the very thing that is killing the yearning. I know this sounds strange and maybe even counter intuitive, but it’s true. The more you try and be together in “comfort”, the less the yearning, the less the passion pheromones. Learn more at http://buy-pheromones.org/ammunition/
How do you feel w hen you tell yourself the story that “ you and your lover met accidently at a party, and since you found each other attractive, then you started dating. If you hadn’t met that person at the party, then I’m sure someone else would have come along and you ma y have started a relationship with someone else…” Compare that to this… “I saw him from across the room. I knew. He knew. It was like I knew him from another life.
The Beginning of a New Era Ok, this is the last step to creating your fantasy love story. We’ve already covered 4 very important pieces of this “script”. This step will help conclude the whole process. It’s time to see a compelling future, and have a vision of something great in the future. It’s the beginning of a new era.

created for more pheromones

I think most of us never ask ourselves that question about human pheromones. We just do it out of habit, doing the same old thing that we have always done. The problem, however, is that it doesn’t always work. As we know, most communication is “miscommunication”. So why do we communicate? What is the purpose of communication? Well, we do it to connect with others, to give and receive praise, to request or demand something, to give something, to give and get attention and love. These are the main reasons why we communicate altogether as a species. The reason why having some awareness when it comes to communication is critical becomes obvious when we look at how most average husbands and wives communicate when things aren’t looking so good… 
What do they do? They argue, they fight, they stone wall each other, they put up these impenetrable barriers in the relationship, they blame, they get mad at each other, they may even god forbid, bully each other indirectly. This kind of stuff happens, and sometimes even happens to the best kind of pheromone relationships out there. 
No one is immune to any of this. But when we look at the purpose of communication, we then perhaps realize that there are much better ways to go about the relationship other than fighting and blaming, or stonewalling. Think about it, when did blaming really work out positively with anyone? When did withdrawing your love and stonewalling someone the best way to get what you want in the end to use more pheromones? 
The answer is that these pheromone communication strategies never made people closer to each other, they only worked to push people apart. But we’ve all done it. I’m guilty of it all too many times. But in those moments, when I ask myself what I’m trying to communicate, then I realize how ineffective my communication really is. If I was to be in an argument, then I would realize that I’m not in the argument to hurt the other person, but instead, I just want to express to them how hurt I am, or how I want certain things to change. I then realize that I never had bad intentions, but if I just continue “reacting” to the situation, then soon, I would do and say things that I would inevitable regret. And I would never allow myself to do that, because I know words can be sharper than any weapon mankind has created for more pheromones.  Learn more at http://infospeak.org/?p=128 and http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=176
So sometimes it’s wise to take a moment to think about and figure out what you’re trying to achieve in the first place by communicating more pheromone signals, or simply opening your mouth. Are you trying to connect with someone? Are you trying to ask or request for something? Or are you really just trying to give someone a compliment? Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/09/mass-trapping-the-pheromones.html
 Every communication has a positive intent and from that place of positive intent, you will find much better ways of getting your point across without permanently and emotionally scarring everyone involved. So this whole point is for you to start becoming more “proactive” instead of being “reactive” to the situation. Whenever you react to life, you are always on the losing end of the deal, whenever you can be proactive and create situations that you desire, then you will notice all your life problems, are really not the problems they seem to be.

Pheromones attract hot women

Pheromones attract hot women. That’s why a woman can reject you at the drop of a dime. It is NOT because she has extremely high pheromone standards. It is because she is very sensitive to validation seeking desperate behavior. It’s almost like a PTSD reaction. Beautiful women are traumatized by needy and desperate value human pheromones. When you seek her validation and she acts like a total evil bitch, it’s nothing personal. Just be unreactive, confident, and humble. Don’t break rapport. Then she will be attracted to you. Learn more at http://pommettmark.doomby.com/blog/pheromones-are-imporant.html and http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/09/seasonal-pheromones.html.
Interesting read master! Thanks. I’m glad this was bumped again as I had never read about women and pheromones. And your last posting just helped clarify things even further. I guess my question would be how to meet more attractive women when they aren’t really a part of my pheromones circle? Is cold approach a good option here or are there other ways?
Honestly, I think this pheromone thread should be stickied. The reason why is because it is not often someone from the community gets fully calibrated to 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. Knowing everything in my original post and fully groking it could give you 10 years worth of calibration….if you actually lived in a vacuum full of hot women. My reference experiences is what it’s really like when you have a harem of beautiful women. You learn to sympathize with super high value women and understand why they act so bitchy sometimes. Check out pheromones at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2015/08/pheromone-releaser-effects.html.
There is no such thing as being a “natural pheromones” with women and doing everything perfectly and never breaking frame and being James Bond. That’s mostly community/pheromone marketing crap. Take it from me. I am a real natural. You don’t actually have to feel like you have to be the most perfect man who’s forever walking on eggshells, fearing he might get blown out of a set if he’s not perfect in every way. 
Despite what the pheromone community has told you, your value as a man does not fluctuate second by second. The game is not that intense and high stakes. You can relax. 99% of what you have learned from the community is pure bullshit.
The reason why guys get blown out at the drop of a dime is because 99% of guys in the community are validation seeking. The reason why community guys are validation seeking is because they have identified with being a “pua”, or a “seducer”. 
This means that their self worth is directly tied to getting validation from women. So you think you are doing the right thing by being a seducer. But what you are really doing is setting a stage where you get blown out and rejected way faster and easier than the average guy who has no don juan ego. You are creating a situation where you have to be perfect. That’s a lot of needless pheromone pressure. You think you are slick, but women can sense your need for their validation a mile away.