How should I deal with a problematic bridesmaid?

From helping to choose your teal formal dresses to helping get you ready on your big day, bridesmaids are super important to the decision making and the preparation of your wedding. It is extremely important to choose someone who you know and love and can trust to help you through the stresses of planning your wedding and getting everything together. However quite often things don’t go to plan and your relationship with your bridesmaid is tested. Whether it’s because you admittedly have worked yourself up and maybe over reacted regarding a decision or situation, or whether your bridesmaid may have become jealous or fixated on the event being about her, there are so many different reasons why the relationship can become strained or even breakdown during the run up to the wedding.

So how do you deal with the meltdown? It depends on the situation that has arose, but generally trying to see things from your bridesmaids point of view will help you to understand why she’s acted or said the things she has. At one point before all this began she truly loved you and was excited to take on the responsibility, so what has changed? Has the wedding highlighted problems in her own relationship and your happiness has made her feel jealous and she can’t understand or figure out how to deal with those feelings? Trying to understand what she is feeling by forgetting your own upset is the first step to resolving the relationship.